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Re: IDN Site building

Originally Posted by domainguru
It's mainly a matter of matching encodings. When you paste text into a program, the program doesn't "know" what encoding it is. So the program should be set to be the same encoding as the text you are pasting in. Then, theoretically, and if you have the correct fonts installed for the encoding, everything should be ok.

There may also be issues caused by "copying/pasting" messing around with the characters i.e. the clipboard might attempt to "interpret" the characters (wrongly) and hence mess around when it shouldn't be doing.

Like bramiozo suggests, the best way to work is in a standard format i.e. UTF-8. That way, you can store and display text in all languages stored in the Unicode standard.
Thanks domaniguru...I knew I was doing something wrong, and it wasn't as straight forward as I imagined it would be.
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