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AOL to give away domain names to users


That is right you read the title correctly. AOL (NYSE: TWX, Search), will give away a domain of your choice to you. The new service which will launch next month is called eAddress.

AOL hopes the service will attract more users and help boost their revenues. AOL announced last month and began offering this month it's AOL 9.0 software for free with out the chat feature enabled. Current AOL users who went off of a month to month plan retained the chat, new users will see the chat feature enabled in September.

So is there a catch to this new service? Yes like everything free in this world there is always a catch.

What exactly is the catch? You don't own the domain and to use it for email you must use AOLs mail service. You will be able to use your email as your AIM name and in the near future AOL will allow you to create an AOL hosted blog using the domain name.

Which all together isn't that bad the UI (user interface) for AOL mail is pretty slick and I like it more than the Gmail UI.

"AOL is about to make online communications more personal than ever before," said Roy Ben-Yoseph, Director of Communication Products, AOL. "The most popular Internet activity is email, yet many people don't have an online identity that's truly personal and meaningful to them. Starting next month, with the launch of its My eAddress service, AOL will make personalized email domains available to all online users at absolutely no cost. Not only can people customize an email address with their own personal domain and connect up to 100 other identities, giving families, teams, social organizations and small businesses a new way to represent themselves, but they'll also be able to use it for instant messaging and as a Web page address. This is an opportunity that millions of people have been waiting for, and AOL is thrilled to be the first to provide it."

Among the features that will be available with the free AOL My eAddress service:

-- Ability to completely customize an email address using a personalized .COM or .NET domain and identity, e.g., ""

-- Setup, registration and the use of a My eAddress email domain and identity is all free (one domain per user), as is the ability to invite other people to join their personalized domain. Each account holder can add up to 100 additional personal email identities associated with their domain, all managed through an easy Web-based control panel.

-- Ability to check email from My eAddress and domains through one mailbox accessible from the Web at, open mail clients (like Outlook and Thunderbird) that use the IMAP protocol, and through the new beta version of the AOL "Streamliner" product.

-- Industry-leading spam and anti-virus protection to help keep a user's email box free from junk mail and harmful viruses.

-- 2 GB of email storage, which can be accessed from any Web-enabled computer, and a search feature that makes it easy for users to find messages in their personal mailbox, sent mail, or stored mail.

-- An Address Book that also includes presence indication to see when contacts are online and able to receive instant messages.

-- Integrated access to AOL's other free Web-based products and services, including AOL(R) Calendar and, coming soon, AOL(R) Pictures, a comprehensive online digital picture service that offers free and unlimited storage of digital photos.

AOL's new My eAddress service will be available to all Web users for free starting in September at www . aol .com
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