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Re: Is it possible to buy generic .com with traffic on this forum without paying the

Originally Posted by OldIDNer
this poll is missing a hell no option

Yup, i thought "No" is too strong a word, so i used "Rarely possible, with luck, it's possible.".

Well, there's always the lucky buy.

Originally Posted by kenne
Define "sky"?

IDN multiplier has to be greater than normal asc multipler. It's not even speculation. Per click value is likely to go up significantly then there's IE7.

So the next poll should be about the expected/acceptable IDN multiplier.

Well, that's subjective - different people, buyers and sellers got different level of optimism for a particular name. In the first place, for a deal to be possible, the buyer must be more optimistic than the seller for that name. Unless there are other some serious reasons for selling, like to pay debts, etc.

I'm very curious about the current market situation - anyone studied economic in varsity? What kind of goods should domains be classified? Luxurious? Necesity? Elastic?

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