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Re: IDN's and PageRank

Irrelevant, i didnt see your site prior to posting it

A Question that was asked simular to yours:

Q: This is the situation:
I have a domain name that has been parked for a while at a certain registrar, this registrar has a generic page on all parked domains that have a bunch of links in this format: a=search&term=Entertainment a=search&term=Insurance a=search&term=Life Insurance
etc.. You get the idea

I am assuming they are trying to get some money out of my parked domain - no big deal.

The big deal IS that Google somehow has crawled the site when it was parked, listed all the pages, and GAVE THE DOMAIN NAME A pr0

I found out because I finally developed the site, and when I looked at the pr it was "0", I thought that was kind of strange because the site only has been "live" for a few days and already had a pr value.

I looked at the logs, and about every day, Googlebot (fresh bot) comes and tries to find the pages that were in the parked domain: a=search&term=Entertainment a=search&term=Insurance

But the weird part is Googlebot never seems to request my home page (default.asp), it always goes to robots.txt and those "index.afx" pages that don't exist anymore.
It has been doing the same thing for several days.

On more weird thing, two days ago the site was found in google by entering, now it is not in Google (Sorry, no information is available for the URL and it shows a gray bar.

Please anyone tell me what is happening.

I am very concerned about this, because if I am right, and Google is giving pr0s than banning parked domains, I am royally screwed - I have a few more parked domains at the same place and they all show prO.

A: pr0 is the normal pr for any page in the index without links from pages with higher pr.
A: Give it a day or 2 I had a similar thing happen last month and it cleared right up. It does make the heart go pitter patter. I had a domain that was parked and my partner mirrored our main site with it. I decided to use it and changed it. A few days later a 0 pr. Youch, then 2 days later it was fine. Now it has a nice pr4 and this was early Jan. No guarentees but it might just be a hiccup.
A: I just put up a new site also and it came in at pr0 as soon as it was published. Normally my new sites get the grey bar.
What does this mean? Nothing! I have had new sites go from grey bar to pr0 and then pr4 and climb from there. It's a waiting game. If you play by the rules you will eventually get the pr the site deserves. pr0's and grey bars are not bans except when you have been demoted to that level from a higher pr
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