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Your Opinion Or Advice Is Needed

As you have seen in the last several days, I was attacked by "it168" verbally with terrible language. "it168" was the same person "SAHOO" that attacked me 2 months ago. "SAHOO" was stealing people's ID for his domains and was banned permanently, but he was allowed to use another usename "it168".

Both times, the bad language and false accusations were left on the web for a long time although some were deleted later.

I have invested for more than 200 thousand dollars in domain names (ACSII and IDN), and hoped to make a few million dollars. So it's important for me to protect my reputation and myself from false accusations.

If you know me, you know I am a person never hesitates to act to protect myself if it is neccessary. But I want to make sure I will act appropriately. So, I need opinion or advice from you -- domain investors like me, and I promise your opinion or advice be kept absolute confidential.

Please send them to ... (EDITED)

Thank you very much in advance.

Dot Com is King. will soon be king.

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