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Re: Your Opinion Or Advice Is Needed

Giant, I would simply ignore it. None of these accusations, that frankly didn't come properly to my attention, are given any serious consideration by those that matter here.

One of the problems of being successful is that others envy you. The more successful you are the more that is the case.

Anyway, it is any consolation, your credit limit with us is well into 5 figures. Not many on here have that kind of standing.[/QUOTE]

I’m glad this has been brought up, because I for one am getting sick and tired of reading IT168’s continuous attacks on Giant. If it is found that IT168 is in fact SAHOO then he should be kicked off this forum now! (Moderators, take note)
As for needing to know just what his job is, who gives a damn? Would it make any difference if he was a road sweeper, or a rich successful businessman?.... No.
A lot of members here have a better quality portfolio thanks to people like Giant, Rubber Duck, Olney and so on (you know who you are), who have helped others to build this forum up to what it is today.
These attacks are purely based on jealousy, nothing else, so just ignore it…… if not sue his ass off
As to the question of your reputation and credit rating, I personally don’t think anyone here is giving that a second thought.
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