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IDN Domain Appraisals Appraisals by other members on International domain names.

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Old 11th September 2005, 01:00 PM
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How to Appraise IDNs?

Since their aren't many public sales of IDNs there isn't any set money valuse yet on IDNs. I have heard of people already selling off their IDNs for even 5 figures XX,XXX.

The western Domain selling market has grown so large that IDN has to become the option for countries that are late to grasp hold of internet marketing. Even though it is a technological advanced metropolis Japan is actually behind in internet development. This was initially the fault of high cost of just being online to surf the web. Since this happened the English market has snatched up most of the good domains. So IDNs offer the chance for Asians to get domain names in their native language which a lot of Western Domain resellers are timid to do because of lacxk of understanding the language.

Since the market is as developed as the US market yet there are a mixture of things to look at when considering buying domain names.

Since my expertise in is Japan which I'm also fluent in Japanese I can only speak strongly about the Japanese market, but a lot of what I will write applies to all countries that will promote use of IDNs.

Common Terms
Look for common everyday terms much like people would in English Car, House, Home, dating. Don't get made up words in other languages. Try top use an online dictiionary if you aren't sure about a word. Online dictions don't give you the option of seeing which terms are actually used in everyday conversations, or business use. It's good to try to have a friend that speaks the language of the market you are targeting just to ask if this is a common term or not. Japanese is an expanding language & some terms do become unused.

OVT Overture Tool
I actually thought that most people would know that the overture tool from English site only gives results from searches within the continental U.S. that means if you searched for Japanese terms the results would be low.
So If I go here:
& type in テレビゲーム I get no results.
But if I use the Overture Japan tool
from here:
It shows me what I already expected
This term was searched for 781,658 times In July 2005
The term is used for TV games & is the category for Playstation, X-Box, & Nintendo games.
Yes off course we already own テレビゲーム.com & we expect this will bring us quite a pretty penny or should I say a whole yardful of yen.

Search Engine Results
You can also use Yahoo, MSN, & Google to get results & see how many results are given for the terms.
MSN, & Google are mostly the same results Yahoo should be treated different. & Yahoo Japan : actually give different results. Totally different results.
For example since our domain keyword テレビゲーム (TV game) is one of the most popular searched word on the internet Yahoo Japan just directs to results to it's directory. This is yet another way to see that you have purchased a winner. You can also use &
We recommend trying to break yourself from thinking that Google in English is used worldwide. Also Google has settings in the preference to filter languages. Make sure you select to get results from that language otherwise you will only get results that are in Unicode (utf-8) which still isn't the common encoding for Japanese web pages.

Common Friggin Sense
That's right use common friggin sense. The Japanese market isn't developed that much yet but people are getting used to seeing IDN domain names. There isn't much type in traffic yet, & there aren't any searches on Overture with a .com attached. I recently saw that many resellers & domain brokers base value on English domain names if there are searches with a .com attached to it. There are approximately 10 IDNs in the overture results with .com attached & they are developed IDN domains.

People are not thinking about 5 years ago that people didn't search for or they searched for cars or used cars. Use these same guidelines to determine if your domain has value.

Anyway we believe the market will grow & keep growing since the English market is really very saturated. Be wise Invest in Asia...
テスト中: ベリーダンス : Japan SEM : カードローン (Not an IDN, yeah I do those too)
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