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Re: Got these today - how are they?

Originally Posted by rhys
エントリー can mean "enter" as in a shop, contest, race, or a company. The bids all seem to relate to the latter case - entering a new job or new company. Could be good, depends on what % of the traffic is looing for something job related. It will be interesting.

As for おもしろい ("interesting", "funny") it is a less common form and in a .net, but I'd hold onto it. It is brandable and has ok OVT to support it. Similar OVT is 面白い ~9000. Best form is 面白 with ovt 30,366. I own 面白.jp and picked it up about a month ago I think (.com and .net are gone btw so don't bother).
Is おもしろ the same thing as おもしろい? I have the おもしろ.jp.
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