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Re: 劵 and 券

You didn't do anything wrong. I thought we were discussing about the name itself, but it always ends up with people pointing at people.

I dunno why it always happen that way when we are discussing about Chinese names - this doesn't happen for Japanese or Russian names - there are just as many russian and american russian speakers here.

Doesn't make a good impression on others, no wonder Blast said: I 〒#ǀ|\|к #℮ |\/||_|5〒 #4\/℮ 6☺〒〒℮|\| ☺|\|℮ ☺|= 〒#☺5℮ |\|℮\/\/ IDN к℮j8☺4rδ5 〒#4〒 6☺〒 #ǀ|\/| 4しし く☺|\/||=|_|5℮δ∙

There's a Chinese idiom - 小题大作 - small matter, big hooha.

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