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Originally Posted by Jeff
The one that registered .chinese characters will lose out as the "registrar" isn't icann accredited and i believe you need a plugin to view it... They pretty much went around icann and did it.

If China wants an essentially global marketplace they will no doubt work with ICANN.
So you think that those who registered ".公司" ".网络" from Chinese registrar will be screwed? I think it's very unfair, and I suspect the Chinese will probably prefer the 2nd solution: ie, map ".com" and ".net" to something other than ".公司" or ".网络"

I just found a post by Dave explaining this:

Originally Posted by Dwrixon
Not sure if Korea is doing this, but China certainly uses local characters to represent the .CN and has it own version of dot com and dot net that resolve using the current plug-in.
It is a Balkanisation of the net to some extent, but China seem keen to go along with ICANN provided ICANN makes some consessions. The first of these is to give China and others non-AscII ccTLD extensions direct on the DNS. I think their versions of dot com and dot net will then effectively become and
However, i'm still confused as to what will happen. So today Mr Du who registers "[IDN].公司" "[IDN].网络" from Chinese registrar will in fact be getting and; But after the agreement between Chinese and Icann is put into effect, Mr Du types in [IDN].公司, suddenly he'll be going to Tom's registered page of [IDN].com? So Mr Du is still kind of screwed...

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