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Re: My new Spanish

Originally Posted by jose
decoració (house interior decoration, great OVT and GT)
sofá.net ( was sold for 200.000, so…)
habitació (!)
reproducció (when you can't get pregnant => very expensive treatments)
separació (broke up, when couples broke up, layers cash in, lol)
indemnizació (guess what? Get an indemnization and layers cash in, again)
disfuncióneré (Viagra needed!)
previsió (weather forecast - you can't use tiempo/tempo alone in ES/PT because tiempo/tempo first meaning is "time". That's why I have also previsã

Oh boy, it's so nice to be at home and really know what you're registering for a change, lol.
I like separació , indemnizació , disfuncióneré

habitació (!) I think is more like
Traduç , télé + .org , 阿.net , العابجديدة.com , コルム.net , bazá , добавить.com , של.com
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