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Re: Why the internet is at risk of splitting

Please take this in the spirit I have intended. Bush will be out of office soon and there is nothing anyone here can really do about it, so can we focus on IDNs?

You do realize that I live here and that big bro and Rush Limbaugh and every other right-wing AM radio station pundit really are watching the internet. Complain all you want, but Bush will have no impact on IDNs. All you are going to do is stir up trouble. We don't need to stir up anti-American hoopla against IDNs.

Maybe you think I am overreacting, but when IDNs are open to the general public, we (in the USA) will probably have to hear about the anti-USA statements on this forum and will ultimately have to defend your posts.

I notice that no one is bashing the leaders of the PRC or Russia or other countries with a greater risk of IDN intervention and a more authoritarian governmental system.... The same anti-foreigner sentiments will be a danger in many other countries.

I live in Georgia. If that means nothing to you, then PM me and I will explain. Please help keep the peace. Please.

That's all I will say.
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