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Re: need some advice/help

The problem you have with the domains is not that they are single word. That's about the best thing that your domains have. What they lack is high OVT and Commercial Bids. Without those two, this market treats them poorly at the moment. That may change once the market tightens up, but you should understand this point.

Speaking strictly about Japan here because I am not qualified to discuss anything else. Personally, I don't care much about the results of a "domain" google search bring up. Unless the results is less than a million - then I look at why it is so low. As for OVT - the bigger the better. My best .com or .jp domain has about 1.2 million OVT and my average is probably 30,000 or so. These days I buy .com and .net that are sub 10,000 but am not interested in anything with 1000 or less OVT unless the corresponding bids are astronomically high like in the 1,000 yen+ range.

お楽しみ.com - this is a good brandable domain but by its low OVT i don't think it is a big candidate for type-ins. But who knows.
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