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Re: Tiny Macau overtakes Vegas Strip

Originally Posted by Rubber Duck
Well in that case, you can only see the US position on online gaming as protectionist hypocracy, but actually when companies go international like this, they tend to become international in nature. The money is invested and spent Internationally. It may give you a great sense of national pride that they started out in your backyard. It doesn't always mean that the bulk of the money gets repatriated or benefits the folks back home. Often the stockholder profile changes rapidly as well. How many Chinese and Arabs are substantially invested in theses companies today? Just to see this as America pumping money from Chinese pockets maybe way too simplistic.

Money is indeed being pumped, but will not benefit Americans, but just a handful of tycoons and their investors. Again, another policy that short changes the electorate. On other hand, the economic activity created by these casinos in Macau will have a multiplier effect on the local populace many times the billions earned by the tycoons.

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