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555 9th July 2006 02:53 PM study
Alexa's Applications Engineer, Derrick Pallas, decided to do some creative analysis of domain types, or TLDs (Top Level Domains) by traffic rank and produced this nice looking graph. It takes a few minutes to grok, but there is a payoff for the effort.

The area at the bottom of the graph in blue represents ".com" domains. According to the graph, the top 4 sites on the web are all .com domains. When you get out to rank 65,000 the .com domains represent about 60% . The remainder is made up of other popular domains, in order, .net, .org, .de, .ru, etc...

Some of the most interesting and somewhat surprising datapoints occur in the ranks 5 through 50 range, where both China and Japan are well represented. But, further down the ranks, both China and Japan begin to fall off and represent relatively small portion of the top 65K sites.
Conversely, Russia is underpresented in the top sites, but out at the farther reaches of the graph is fairly well represented.

What this graph doesn't take into consideration is the reach of the largest sites. As I mentioned in a previous post the largest sites receive vastly more traffic than the rest. The top 3 sites have an average reach of 23%, meaning that 23% of all users on the Internet are likely to visit them. Compare that to site #10 with a reach of 5%, or to site #100 with a reach of .1%, or to site 1,000 with a reach of .06%, or to site 10,000 with a reach of .02%. The net effect of this (no pun intended), if we were to redraw the graph showing the reach of the TLDs, is that the TLDs shown on the left of the graph would have a much larger influence on the right of the graph. Meaning the graph would become mostly blue, with some orange for China, some pink for Japan, and not much else.

Not to shift into sales/marketing mode, but I'm sure some of you will ask, all of the source data is available as web feeds on There is the Top Sites Service, which can be used to get the list of top sites globally, or by country. Then there is the AWIS feed, which includes the URL Info operation that can be used to get all of the Alexa traffic info for any URL.

touchring 9th July 2006 03:56 PM

Re: study
Interesting, but where's the charts??

555 9th July 2006 04:02 PM

Re: study homepage

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