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Re: £.com (Klensin corrected)

A small footnote to the above story...,00.html

Making sense of Babel

John Klensin commented (Tower of Babel, November 23) that my domain £.com has somehow been "sneaked through" and that its registration has been "prohibited all along". Both comments are incorrect, as the registration of £.com ( was made within Icann's guidelines.

Furthermore, £.com has existed as a website for several years so I don't understand why he would imply that something unsavoury has either quickly or recently occurred. His final comment, that the domain name is a "communications nightmare", is untrue and nothing short of scaremongering. I am aware that the American "pound" (#) symbol may be used as a programming command, but this has nothing to do with the British pound symbol (£) and, in any case, symbols have no effect on domain names.
Richard Haigh
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