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New Topic Restrictions & Forum enhancement

In the IDN Domains for Sales Category
Members are restricted to one new thread in 24 hours. This is not option the system won't let you post more than one thread in this category in 24 hours.

Also Double Post or bumping of threads will automatically merge threads together.

I've also added the options for members to buy sticky threads.
This is useful if you have a list of IDN Domains that you really want to be seen & sell.
The price is steep to discourage every member from posting their whole portfolio.

It's $10 a day for 7 days max

This option is available after you make a thread in the For Sale or For auction thread.
You can see it in the Thread Tools.

If there is any problem please post it here. If it's security sensitive PM me.

Oh I the server was slowed down by the Add Your Blog feature.
I believe I fixed it. If the site is still slow constantly I'll just remove it but the site should be back to normal now.
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