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Exclamation 外卖.net ...43 Chinese IDN FOR SALE (Great,KEYwords)

门户网站类gateway website

猎狐.com + 猎狐.net $150 means foxhunt
珠峰.net $50 简繁同体 means Everest
珠穆朗玛.net $50 means Everest
航海.net $100 简繁同体 means navigate
民生.net $150 简繁同体 means people's livelihood

商业贸易类business website

华商.net $100 means china business
世界贸易.net $100 means worldtrade
批发市场.net $100 means wholesale
期货交易.net $50 means timebargain
期货市场.net $50 means futures
拍卖行.net $50 means salesroom
当铺.net $50 means pawnshop
鉴宝.net $50 means appreciate
网络商城.net $50 means ebusiness

房地产类 estate website

楼盘销售.net $50 means sell building
宾馆预定.net $50 means reservation
卖房.net $50 means sellhouse
建材城.net $50 简繁同体 means timbering

咨讯传媒类news website

天下事.com + 天下事.net $50 简繁同体 means globalnews
时报.net $50 means times
晨报.net $50 means morningedition
晚报.net $50 means eveningpaper
快讯.net $100 means news flash

餐饮业类 food and drink website

年夜饭.net $100 means NewYearEvedinner
外卖.net $100 means togo
厨艺.net $100 means cuisine
茶艺.net $100 means teaceremony

娱乐游戏类amusements and game website

出境游.net $50 means departure tour
选美.net $50 means beauty contest
模拟飞行.net $50 means fly simulation
星际.net $100 means interplanetary

自然资源类natural resources website

天然气.net $100 means naturalgas
水资源.com $100 means waterresources

服务业类service trade website

速递.net $50 means express
鹊桥.net $50 means lovebridge

法律事务类law website

法律援助.net $50 简繁同体 means legalaid
律师事务所.net $150 means lawoffice

热点时事类 focus incident website

奔月.net $50 简繁同体 means run to the moon
探月.net $100 简繁同体means moon investigation
月球.net $100 简繁同体means the moon

学习考试类study and exam website

英语考试.net $100 means Englishtest
司法考试.net $50 means judicaturetest
求学.net $100 means to pursue one's studies or education

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城铁.COM 轻轨.COM 海峡.COM
售楼.COM 时事.COM 求医.COM

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