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Re: Wanted french IDN

My suspicion was always that Bimbo is a flipper who ran out of ideas for Chinese IDNs and wanted to try to flip Latin IDNs. All he/she/they needed was list of keywords to use for combos.

Why research when you can post 'Want To Buy' and get a list?

I expect to see those in .com/.net/.org/.info/.biz any day now here, on other forums, or on Ebay. Just my suspicion, though.

And I would agree, RD, if I didn't see garbage getting flipped for a few bucks month after month.

Originally Posted by sarcle
Well I also sent a domain (a .com) of the exact domain he/she has posted in the "wanted" area. And they replyed back saying they didn't have enough to buy this domain even though no price was ever discussed.

This person is phishing for information. Can this guy's account.
I sent some exact names, too. He/she offered $xxx for one, it was low but I said yes, he/she backed out.

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