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thegenius1 18th July 2006 06:12 PM

VeriSign purchased for $2.3 million in cash

Originally Posted by
In a play that helps move RSS into the mainstream, VeriSign bought and its ping service.

The announcement, made on Friday, unites the tiny company, run by Dave Winer, one of the creators of the RSS protocol, with a company that enables over 14.5 billion Internet interactions each day.

VeriSign said the goal is to provide more stable and reliable communications for the Internet's blogosphere.

"The Internet has experienced an explosion in both the number of bloggers and the number of daily RSS feeds from bloggers over the past 12 to 24 months, but the infrastructure to support that level of Internet communications has not kept pace," Mark McLaughlin, senior vice president of VeriSign's naming and directory services, said in a statement.

Neither VeriSign nor Scripting News responded to requests for comment. was the first ping server, accepting notifications when new content is posted in the RSS (define) format, then sending that information to subscribers of those sites' or blogs' RSS feeds. handles around 2 million pings each day and supports thousands of daily RSS feeds. By migrating's ping service to VeriSign's, the companies said, VeriSign will be able to offer RSS users a sturdy and "intelligent" platform.

VeriSign said it would continue to operate as an openly available service, greatly benefiting the entire blogosphere from individual bloggers to value-added feed applications, such as blog search services.

VeriSign purchased from Scripting News, the consulting company run by Dave Winer, for $2.3 million in cash.

My question is how are they making money from this , Is it that im overlooking something ?

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idn 18th July 2006 07:35 PM

Re: VeriSign purchased for $2.3 million in cash
Hmmm...I remember was for sale for 50K about 6 months to a year ago which I thought was a very fair price.

touchring 18th July 2006 08:41 PM

Re: VeriSign purchased for $2.3 million in cash
Dave Winer, creator of the RSS protocol? I think Verisign is buying his name and expertise instead of just the website - which anyone can duplicate.

seamo 18th July 2006 09:30 PM

Re: VeriSign purchased for $2.3 million in cash
Blogs...don't talk to me about blogs ;)

I've had this rant out elsewhere, but in celebration of this sale I'll do it again.

I cut my domaining teeth on 'blog'.

I had a fist full of money (not anymore), no talent (hasn't changed much), and a desire to get rich (still got that - just worse now).

I heard about blogs, and thought I'd see what Mr.Parsons at Godaddy might have on offer.

In a flurry of late nights, monitor-eyes, and word combo fever, I spent a lot of money. A lot.

I was the Blog King (or so I thought). Now all I had to do was sit back and wait for all of that traffic, and all of those offers to buy my blogs.

I'm still waiting :o

I knew 'blog' would be worth money some looks like I just didn't have the right one! Most have expired now, but I still have around a hundred left - and yes, they're still for sale!

They've just gone up in value by 100% though, but they are obviously a premium flavoured domain now...right? PM me for offers...LOL

(I still couldn't help myself once I became an IDN'er...ブログ界.com. Maybe those tech-savvy Japanese will see the power of the blog, and I'll hit paydirt yet)

thegenius1 19th July 2006 02:33 AM

Re: VeriSign purchased for $2.3 million in cash
Does anybody have any input of how Versign is profiting from , they are offering a free service and i dont see how it generates income, And they spent 2.3 million to aquire the name , Im sure is a 7 figs name but whats up with there business plan ?

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