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Re: Is IE7 for IDNs here yet? Please share stats. Thks.

Originally Posted by Drewbert
Holy crap.

Just grepped one of my log files for visitors from France (ASCII sites).

13649 hits from browsers reporting 'MSIE 6'

12857 hits from browsers reporting 'MSIE 7'

Lots from Wanadoo and Orange, so maybe those interenet services have rolled out their IE7 versions?

No noticeable bump in hits to my French IDN's though.

This is really odd, are you sure the stats are correct? How can it be that IE7 is almost as much as IE6? There's also FF.

Originally Posted by Olney
I just checked 6 Japanese minisites that get traffic.
2,200 uniques for 1 week
Note a single user with IE7
Is Analytics just not recognizing it?
All of my traffic is from search.

Analytics does recognize IE7. How about FF?

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