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symbols/dingbats are safe

I've been corresponding with Verisign about symbols/dingbats, etc. I sent them about 10 of mine as examples of what I'm speaking about. I wanted to know what is going on with them b/c my renewals are coming up. Here is their response:


There are currently no plans to exclude the already registered domains
from resolving on the internet, however, we cannot say for certain in
years down the road that standards will not change. Our IDN policies are
based on various standards put in place by the Internet community. We
cannot predict if these will change in the future.

I can tell you there are no immediate plans so you may want to consider
renewing some or all of the domains for a year at at time.

Best Regards,

Bryant, Bonnie
Customer Service
VeriSign, Inc
1 703.925.6999
1 703.421.5828 Fax
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