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Re: Special builds of ie7 Chinese Simpl, Japanese etc required urgently

Originally Posted by blastfromthepast
You could just recompile FireFox and release a fork, right?
Yeah but then you have to convince people to dl your version instead of the one they have already. And you have to maintain it.

I'm going to offer the FF extension on the grounds of better privacy.

Currently people who type in a keyword in firefox get taken via google (through their "I'm feeling lucky" option, to the #1 listing at google for that term. Most people don't even know what's going on. Google, of course, tracks all this and logs it, and we know how happy they are to turn over log files to various govt agencies around the globe, usually without a court order.

My extension will grab the keyword, strip out any illegal characters (%$+ etc), tack .com on the end, and then FireFox won't hijack it to google.

I'll be offering it to current Firefox users via browser detection on all my sites - I've had 88000 people D/L FF via buttons on them, so now they'll be offer the extension too. Hopefully lots of domainers (IDN and ASCII) will jump on board with it, as it will mean increased traffic for EVERYONE.

German domainers especially should be keen.
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