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Re: symbols/dingbats are safe

I am not familiar with IETF. Who are they? I will write or call them. True I'm just a tiny pea in a pod and this is probably some huge corporation or group, but my motto is that it never hurts to try (or make your voice known). At least if they do get canceled, I'll know that I tried.

How are people's characters doing? Several of mine have blossomed lately. Most are getting 50-60 uniques a month (with clicks here and there), and some even more. The most viewed are the phrases as opposed to single characters. Here are my top names:

♀♀.net - 104 (uniques per month)
✈flights✈.com - 104
✈flycheap✈.com 121
✈flight✈.com 101
i♥ 105
business¢.com 155
♒aquarius♒.com 108
✪.com 112
i♡ 105
i♥ 104
i♥ 105
i♡ 103
i♡ 86
★moviereviews★.com 91
☆☆☆☆☆ 113 (4 clicks = $1.74)
❢.com 89
1ã.com 105
1¢.net 91
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