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an email from Verisign re: Nameprep

Hi, I emailed Verisign regarding RD's info. in the last thread, basically cutting and pasting what he said:

"It is not whether you can renew or not that matters. What is important is whether the new version of Nameprep will support it. If it doesn't, it simply won't resolve. Grandfathering is not an issue here."

I asked them what they know about the new Nameprep version vis à vis (I have this IDN in .net btw!!) symbols/characters. I also asked them who to contact if Verisign doesn't know. I have to give them kudos b/c they always respond in a very timely manner. Anyway here is the response:

Dear Laurie,

As you may know all of the standards work surrounding IDNA is driven by
the IETF community and is not being driven by one particular company as
it effects all TLDs. The way that the IETF works is that working groups
are formed around the process of developing specific RFC's, IDNA and
its companion Nameprep for example is based on the RFC standard 3491
( The RFC process can be a very
long process and it is not without a tremendous amount of discussion and
deliberation before an existing RFC gets updated because there are some
many implications to changing an existing standard.

Consider that the process to implement a change to IDNA of which
Nameprep is a component would require all browser vendors to update their
software to be conformant to this new standard which is not a small
undertaking. While on the face of it, the quote you provided in your email is
correct there are many factors and dynamics which go into the entire
process to change an RFC.

VeriSign is not directly involved in any activities in this area other
than to monitor the discussions as it is still very early in the
process and being driven by other individuals who have much more expertise in
this area which include the original authors of the RFC's which make up
the suite of IDNA. If you are interested in following this activity and
discussions the following mailing list is specifically dealing with
"next generation" IDN issues:

Best Regards,

Bryant, Bonnie
Customer Service
VeriSign, Inc
1 703.925.6999
1 703.421.5828 Fax

-- I'll be interested to hear your reactions. - Laurie
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