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Re: an email from Verisign re: Nameprep

I went ahead and wrote IETF b/c I followed the link the Verisign lady above gave me and read some of the thread and it looked to me like they were planning to exclude symbols. So I made a big case for keeping them, a genuine case, and I asked if they'd write me back and let me know what's going on with symbols.

If they do, I'll share their response.

My symbols don't get many clicks but I think it's Afternic's fault. They have a home page without any sponsored links, instead they are related category links. So first you have to click on one of those, and then only the NEXT page has sponsored links. It really annoys me. But my symbol domains get a lot more traffic at Afternic than Namedrive, so do some of my IDNs.

I still have to develop...haven't done one thing with them. Top ones on Afternic...

i❤ 216
i♡ 211 167
✞.net 162
business¢.com 161 153 147 136
✈flycheap✈.com 121
❣.com 119
免费片.net 116
♫music♫.com 115 113
✡torah✡.com 112
☑vote☒.com 112
i♡ 111
i♥ 110
ä 109
☆☆☆☆☆ 109 4 0.43 1.74
i♥ 108 1 0.02 0.02
❤love❤.com 108
תל-אביב.net 107 (Tel Aviv)
1ã.com 106
♥心臓♥.com 106
✈VisitEurope✈.com 104
♯ 103 102
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