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Re: an email from Verisign re: Nameprep

Originally Posted by domainguru
How many times do we have to go over this guys? Symbols will stop working when the next standard is released, period.

And it doesn't matter how many times you symbol-owners write to the IETF / VeriSign / ICANN / FBI. The decision to remove symbols was made a long time ago and it ain't gonna change.

Thks. So, this means the copyright symbol - ©.com - that sold for $4100 stop working? And will the pound symbol (£.com) stop working as well??

I think most symbol owners here got less than 30 symbols, some just a few for the novelty, almost everyone got their symbols at reg fee, and very few ppl would actually buy a symbol. Myself, i'll continue to renew the 9 symbols i got. I'm just trying to decide whether to register new symbols along the way.

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