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Re: IDN ccTLD versus gTLD Discussion

A few points to consider when comparison ctld with gtlds.

1). In the event of idn.idn, .jp and .cn will have an edge over .com and .net. If idn.idn becomes popular, .com and .net will be seriously undermined - but i don't see this happening in the short to medium term though.

2). Existing markets for and .cn exists, so a comparison can be made, i think the latter (.cn) is stronger with names like fetching $35,000. and are still very strong in both countries.

3). .cn names have known to be confiscated by the registry under circumstances. Check out the story behind (idn).

4). With a greater mindshare, type-in traffic is generally higher for .com (check the big lists of .com jp ovt w/ext - you'll be hard pressed to find a list for .jp). Can't comment for .cn as there's no cn ovt tool.

5). .com risks blocking in China (extremely low risk of happening though).

In conclusion - it's good to diversify your investments across different languages, gltd and ctlds.

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