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Re: - requesting appraisal

Originally Posted by g
I have few question blueskies that I am in bad need to know the answers and I would appreciate your help

how was the traffic and revenue in 1995 if any ? and how was the growth rate ?

and the history of overture results ?

how much people appraised the name for in 1995 ?

I would like to know more historical data about this premium name so I can make a guess about my IDNs after 10 years from now
I registered the name in 1995. There was no appraisal done in 1995 (first serious attempt to appraise was a couple months ago). I've never made a good attempt to develop the name, so the traffic and revenue information is not relevant.

I didn't know anything about overture until a few months ago.

Sorry that I can't be of any help.

- BlueSkies
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