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Re: Please confirm your translations

I picked it because I thought it would be a term no one owned.

I'm hot is the one in kanji
My point is if I sold a domain based on "I'm hot (temp)"
You wouldn't list ホット

I actually was going to list something easier to understand until I found out it was registered...

If you just list the word


There's a few translations
She's Hot
I'm Hot
Stolen Item

By putting only one word translation some assume it's one "they" associate it with.

So a situation is the buyer think it's "I'm Hot"
because it's just listed as "Hot"
But there's better terms to express being "Hot"

Katakana means it's the word usually with English pronunciation.

I did say to check OVT but "Hot Pepper" is a magazine guys....
I'm not trying to down your buying of "Hot".
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