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Originally Posted by Jeff
which one is the noun? the main word? not the verb as i see each one has a letter next to it.
life has multiple synonyms in hindi

life n

१. जीवन, प्राण, जान, अस्तित्व, आयुर्बल

जीवन has more commercial value than the other 4.

जीवनसाथी - LifePartner
जीवनबीमा - LifeInsurance

Most of the good keywords are gone.
Do not use google results as an indicator.
(Most of the sites listed are Blogs, DMOZ data, Wikipedia, )
Currently most of the Hindi sites are not being indexed by Google, as most sites are not unicode encoded.
Overture would be better Indicator (anything in Overture US with a score of 25 or more would be worth registering)
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