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555 30th August 2006 12:17 PM

From .DE nic IDN FAQ:

Q: Why has there been no pre-registration phase (a so-called sunrise period) for the holders of (trade)marks?

A: The experience with the introduction of the gTLDs .info and .biz was that the sunrise period caused difficulties and organizational chaos, and that these were out of due proportion compared with any abusive registrations that may perhaps have been hindered. It must also be borne in mind that this is not just an issue of legal rights associated with (trade)marks, which can probably be fairly easily proven by presenting a certificate from a trade-mark registry. There are also legal rights associated with people's names, and these could well be much more difficult for their holders to prove and for DENIC to verify. A pre-registration period would only make sense if it was really possible to check up on the rights claimed by the applicants. DENIC is quite simply not in a position to carry out that sort of check.

The upshot of this is that IDNs are not going to be treated any differently from other domains. The same priority principle of "first come, first served" applies in precisely the same way as to any other domain under .de. It is also the duty of all domain applicants to check prior to registration that they are not going to be infringing rights of others. DENIC itself does not perform any such check.

Q: I already hold a .de domain in which an umlaut has been replaced by the two-letter equivalent (along the lines of for mü Is DENIC going to give me any precedence for registering the corresponding IDN?

No. There would no factual reason to do so either, since and mü are two completely different domains. It is just like, which has nothing to do with baü, or and pö, which are not the same either. Why then should the holder of be given any precedence over Germany’s myriad of other Müllers? Such a procedure would go against the clear principle that DENIC has established that a domain goes to whoever applies to register it first – i.e. first come, first served, with no exceptions.

More Q & A:

Rubber Duck 30th August 2006 12:44 PM

Re: .DE IDN's
Simple policies may explain why dot DE, like dot Com has been so successful.

555 30th August 2006 12:58 PM

Re: .DE IDN's

Originally Posted by Rubber Duck
Simple policies may explain why dot DE, like dot Com has been so successful.

.com .de .net .uk .org .info .nl
53,896,533 10,022,858 7,870,306 5,141,040 4,853,499 3,259,281 1,992,258

.eu .biz .it
1,998,780 1,443,849 1,178,188

Hopefully other countries will use this as guidelines when time comes

alpha 30th August 2006 01:20 PM

Re: .DE IDN's
Vorsprung durch Technik :)

touchring 30th August 2006 01:56 PM

Re: .DE IDN's
As i understand, .de is nowhere as "free" as .com.

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