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Re: So who owns this?

Originally Posted by rhys
It's an impressive collection to be sure. ...
you really think so?

I'm not so sure.

Sure there's probably some nice gems in there, but it is littered with BS symbols and blatant TM's. I lost count how many times i saw domains starting with "Yahoo.."

they also have piss poor portfolio management, I just run a bulk check for fun, and a lot of the names they hold in .net only, is free in .com. sure some of these will be down to character variants - but not all.

I imagine the .com dropped after they regged the .net, but if you are going to sit on a .net and renew it every year, then have the commonsense to check if the .coms have become free. These sorts of things, you can do with a bulk checker in seconds.

i give it a thumbs down
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