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Re: Is anyone interested in $15 backorders for IDNs?

Originally Posted by Alphamale
excuse my cynicism, but

a) if it's not worth $60, it's not worth anything

b) if it is worth something and you catch it, why would you sell it at $15

a) I understand that everyone has a different prospective on what is valuable and what is not. If you don't like dealing with low profit domains, that is fine, but if you can buy domains for $15 and sell them for $30 you are doubling your money which is worth alot to many people.

b) The reason I am willing to sell domains for $15 is because you are the one doing the research to find the valuable names and I am focusing on catching them. I make a little bit of profit of each name without having to spend time researching them.

Originally Posted by Alphamale
Maybe you should look at areas where there is a gap in the market, and not already dominated by major monolopolies. ie. the .JP market - from what I understand it is wide open and is the playground of a handful of manual catchers.
Thanks for the tip. I am planning on expanding into country code domains, but am spending alot of time catching domains in the major extensions at the moment. IDNs in the main ext. will be an easier transition first due to pricing, etc. I will be sure to let everyone know if and when I do begin offering services in other extensions. What extensions would everyone be interested in? The obvious first choices would be .de and .jp, any others?

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