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Chinese single characters

Just doing a little housekeeping.

Native speakers, your opinion on any of these would be very much appreciated.

I'm not so worried about my translation at the moment, just is there anything worth keeping here?

債.net debt, loan, liabilities
裳.com clothes; skirt ; beautiful
菸.net smoke, soot; tobacco, cigarettes
途.com way, road, path, journey; course
骑.com ride
溪.com stream
姅.com menstruation
牓.com tablet/register
玤.com gem
膀.com to flirt
镑.com pound (sterling)
胞.com the placenta/womb
忧.net Variant
侠.net Variant
辑.com Edits
垃.com Garbage, Waste
圾.com Rubbish, Waste
玛.com Masurium
迈.com take a step
粒.com Grain
惹.com Annoys
疯.com Insane
携.com Takes along
沟.com Ditch
萨.com Bodhisattva
牵.com Pulls
铭.com Inscription
纷.com Numerous
揭.com Uncovers
填.com Fills in
攒.com Accumulates
塞.com Fills
赶.com Catches up with
拟.com Draws up
錶.net stopwatch
奖.net Prize
嘘.com Breathes out
坡.com Slope
臂.com Arm
详.com Detailed

thanks in advance
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