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Re: Overture becomes subsidiary of Yahoo! Japan

Originally Posted by Drewbert
Well, once the traffic starts flooding in, all the foreign owners can send their hits to a "Yahoo Japan sucks" page, and sit back and wait.
Nothing is directly related to Yahoo! Japan (exactly) for the affiliate programs, or Publishing Network.
Yahoo's only the parent company of both Value Commerce & Overture but both of them run pretty independently. I'm not sure about the US but in Japan there's like a Yahoo Group, made of companies that have Yahoo as the parent company or companies that parent company is owned by Yahoo.

The publishing network might come but I don't personally talk to any of the current reps at Overture.

More money is actually being spent on PPC with Yahoo! Japan than Google(adwords) over here, we'd most likely make more for competitive markets in PPC is Yaho Japan offered a publishing program. I know I'd change in a heartbeat.
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