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Smile Re: Domains per IP?

Hi All.

Interesting topic...

From the experience of the people I know who run multiple master IPs... the rule that works is 1 domain per master IP (anything more and you are asking to be downgraded).
This is assuming you are running sites on the same "topic" (e.g. both are hotel sites) with links to each other.

However if the sites are not related in content matter or links then there is really no set limit - as we all know ISPs all run multiple domains on their servers and if this mattered the SE would be empty (but I am sure that is not the reason you have many master IPs - lol).

Another very important thing to note is that even if you are using different master IPs you need to ensure the "content" of those sites is noticeably different.
People estimate between 12% and 30% different in the source code for a page.
For example change site title, description and perhaps some parts of the page layouts (position of things on the page, sizes of photos and text etc.), for the sites on the different master IPs.
This is as the uniqueness of a site, or even a page on a site determines where it ends up. Yes and this means a lot of work if you are serious in having master IPs and not have them work against you.
If you can not create uniqueness then robot.txt out the pages which are an exact replica of each other except for the domain name.

Guess it all gets down to what can a SE do, before it starts penalising sites that are only slightly different... when most likely those are owned by different people.

Hope these comments are useful... cheers, Asiaplay

PS: thanks for Matt's post as well... interesting reading...

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