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Re: Any people who speak chinese on these forums?

What racism, buddy? I can be pretty rude too; don't tempt me.

Originally Posted by blastfromthepast
There are a few reasons to help:

1. To boost your own ego.
2. To promote yourself.
3. Establish credibility.

However, all of that goes out the window if your help can be used in a competitive way against you.

This IDN party is not a charity concert. People are competing for the same names.

You can't have it all? Sure you can. If you get in early in the game, you can certainly have it all. And some do. The rest can eat cake!

All those above are wrong reasons. If memebrs are not going to help each other-within reason-then this is not a place to be. It will simply have no credibility and all that our "senior members" (and junior ones too)would be saying, would be just perceived as marketing, self-promotion and, sometimes even misleading crap.
Do you want to be in a place like that?

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