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Re: Problem with accentuated generics?

Originally Posted by touchring
A few issues:

1. The .com regulators actually don't care about the ascii - i've gone through one so i know.

2. What they want to know is whether you are infringing on another trademark (implicit or explicit). This means even if they don't own the ascii domain, if you use their trademark and confusing with their company, you're in trouble.

Some protective measures i use:

1). Do not park!

2). Do not have ads. If you must have ads, use adsense and block similar sites or trademarked site bearing the same name, ctld or gtld. Make sure the ads are only for the generic topic.

e.g. if you own, Apple computer ads is not acceptable. Ads on how to grow apples is fine.

3). Register a company bearing the same name, and place the WHOIS under that company.

4). Create a real website - thousands of pages. Write press releases on your website, and get them published on blogs and news sites.

5). Register a trademark in your domain name

I've done 1 to 3, now working on 4, maybe 5 also, later.
Wise advice, althought difficult for domainers with thousands of names.

I just visited your télé and the ascii version. You both have real sites dealing with downloading (the ascii even has a blimp with it's name on it!).
Did you get any hassle from them? Are they even aware your site exists?
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