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IDN available for .cn, .tw, .biz etc. BUT reserved in .com & .net - any ideas why?

Hi All,

Just came across something seems a little strange... wondering if anyone has had the same and knows why this happened?

I wanted to register 情趣 (XX is two additional characters - which are non-sexual & product based, which I choose not to show here... as I think they do not effect this discussion).

Most IDN registers showed the Chinese IDN I wanted as "taken" - I could find the whois for the .biz & .cn versions which were "taken".
However for .com & .net the whois information turned up no results (even said was able to be registered), so I checked around... doing this I found 3 IDN registration website that would let me register the IDN I wanted.

I went with one of them to see why they would let me register... and after processing this is what I got back...

We sorry to inform you that domain 情趣 is reserved from registration,
Therefore the application have been declined ,
please select other domain name.
The payment transactions will be cancelled.

Ok - this in itself is clear - it is a reserved IDN - but why?.

My question therefore is, why is this reserved when it can be & is already registered as a .cn & .biz Chinese IDN?

Any ideas why different rules on what is reserved (and .com & .net being more restrictive than .cn & .biz)?
Lastly... I have been wondering if this domain is really reserved... or if it is a backorder in process (any thoughts on this)?

Thanks for your replies and apologies if this is an ignorant question - just seems strange to me that it is reserved in two gTLD and not in another gTLD or the ccTLDs).

Cheers, Asiaplay
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