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Exclamation Re: IDN available for .cn, .tw, .biz etc. BUT reserved in .com & .net - any ideas why

Originally Posted by mulligan
Likely because the simplified or traditional version is already registered ... This will return a variant error .. so check your version against the traditional version (or vise versa) and you will probably find it is registered.

Some registrars will instantly check it for its traditional or simplified version and some will check it after you have placed your order.
Hi Mulligan - thanks for your response...

No - it is not due to this reason... (the characters I was trying to register, are actually identical for traditional and simplified Chinese - so both versions use the same punycode)... they are just not showing up on "whois" at all (or as available for registering - depending which whois I use) - even though being shown as "taken" in and so on.

Which is interesting - as I can see this either means censorship by .com, .net for Chinese IDNs that is more strict than for .cn (which I find as strange)... or perhaps a backorder is in progress... or another reason I can not think of... hence trying to learn... to see if something strange is going on or not?

Any other comments might help me understand and others here learn as well... thanks and cheers, Asiaplay
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