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Re: lafé or fé

Originally Posted by jacksonm
Which is better? I am still trying to grasp the full understanding of the article in french names. As I understand, it's best to leave it out, but in some cases it's best to keep it. Which is best in this case?

Hi jacksonm,

I'd say that if you want to register french generics, forget about the articles altogether. The only case in which they are used is for company or business names, names that aren't interesting for idners ( Maybe low stats, TM issues, very hard to resell etc). If you had to reg one of the two, I'd go with lafé though. That is because "fée" and "verte" are neither good or related keywords to begin with as far as stats are concerned. If they are it's probably because of TM or a big and popular website. That leaves us with two names that will probably will have zero value to idners. You still have the end user option, someone that probably has a store name or a website with "fée verte" in the name and 99.99% of the time they will haved named it "LA fée verte". Fée verte alone doesn't feel to good, not smooth enough. That's why you are better off with lafé But don't go and generalize what I've said. Some keyword combos feel smooth without the article while others feel horible. Yes, french is weird like that. My suggestion is to reg the two and then to ask either publicly in the forum (like you just did) or in a PM which to drop (would be my pleasure to help out).

I hope some of that at least makes a little sense, for I suck at explaining stuff in english. I you want to clarify anything, just ask a question.

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