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Re: The knowledge in Arabic (المعرفة.com)

I have 2 solutions for this situation ..
1st: we are in the auction forum and the seller is not allowed to change what he declares in his auction unless all the bidders agree. This happened with me with the idn when some bidders didn't agree to set a BIN as i have forgot to set it in the 1st place.. So it is jacksonm's decission in this solution

2nd : our friend Dns seems to be from Saudi Arabia, were ppl there have general weakness in English language, Besides Dns is not familiar with auction terms as i found from his post here too :

jacksonm, the solution is in ur hands, either u excuse Dns for his English weakness or the seller has to sell u the idn for $10 because this is his mistake..

update: Dns has replied to my pm and he told me that he meant to start the auction by $5 with $10 increment and $100 BIN.

and he says that he didn't distinguish between BIT and BID .

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