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Re: Modern Chinese

For those who could not see it - it is a joke on Chinese characters...

Some guy has made up his own Chinese characters based on the western version of male and female idiograms... different layouts of man / woman and an attached English meaning (not sure most Chinese would learn the words attached to each made up character in school or that 99.99% of those that have studied English as Chinese natives would know the meaning)... semi interesting... but not something that I suspect will catch on, as it is not based on, as I see it, actual Chinese characters (i.e. natives are unlikely to remember how to write them or will more likely change them to be based on Chinese characters).

Not missing too much - this is not first time someone has played with something westerners will think are Chinese Characters and natives will wonder why the hell someone pretended to write something which is unreadable... most memorable being that dorky "Fxxk" teeshirt that some non-cultural uneducated people wear... groan.

There are more interesting examples of made up characters in Hong Kong... which are based on Chinese characters (e.g. 3 x "people" character in a group... with an equal sort of connotation to those posted above, but actually are also used more in an educated / news sense as well). Interesting enough ones like those are becoming mainstream... and it will be interesting if they ever jump over to become used in China and Taiwan (and make dictionaries in the longer term).

Agree to me looks more Mayan text than Chinese - lol...

Cheers - Asiaplay
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