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Re: Baidu busy at work on japanese domains

Originally Posted by Asiaplay
Haha - makes me crack up... too true... maybe for Japan they will not have that issue except for Daoyu Islands etc. lol (damn... imagine how fast they can grow without having to bother with that...!!!)

Of interest does anyone know who is helping them out in Japan - I am sure they must have a local partner there and in Europe?

Seems they really are following a support for .jp at this stage... which suggests a strong influential Japanese partner and Govenment approval in Japan perhaps...

Actually think the guy behind Baidu is very smart - few years USA training and he set up a search engine back in China which even the big two internationally can not touch... and in Japan... really bet their system is better tailored for Japanese script and add-on features for IDNs etc. than Yahoo will be.

Keep us posted Jacksonm - cheers, Asiaplay

PS: think it is time he set up Baido (competition for Sedo )
I think that psychologically the barrier of Japanese people using a Chinese search engine will be difficult. If they position themselves as a purely Japanese search engine through a strong Japanese partner they have a shot. But even then there will be the conspiracy theorists....
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