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Re: Baidu busy at work on japanese domains

Originally Posted by rhys
I think that psychologically the barrier of Japanese people using a Chinese search engine will be difficult. If they position themselves as a purely Japanese search engine through a strong Japanese partner they have a shot. But even then there will be the conspiracy theorists....
Agree is a point here... but the younger generation believes this less than the older - for example just saw the leading compact car brand in China is Honda... and I am sure Japanese are not, not buying products they see are made in China.
So although soccer matches can be controversial events - seems commercially the impact is a lot less on both sides.

So my guess, is that even though their is some credibility in your comment... that over time if they do a nice looking site, that is user friendly and adsense friendly, that they will succeed (i.e. that the impact of that is less than 10%).

Interesting additional point (but not one I am opening for debate as is point-less - just raising as an interest point for thoughts sake) - would Japanese prefer an Asian based good search engine over a USA based one (as seems that it will be this choice as much perhaps)?

It will be interesting to see over time - but will be happy who-ever puts any of my sites in number one position.

Cheers - Asiaplay
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