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Re: 傢具.hk (Chinese) Furniture

I know of furniture vanishes made in Hong Kong (in a tin shed size company which is about to go under with low VOC requirements - means low solvent and environmentally friendly laws)... however long, long ago the last furniture factory moved to China.

So if you think coal from Newcastle is a good IDN to hold - then is a good purchase.

I wouldn't bother with it - but, maybe in 10 years time when most of Hong Kong has lost it's English ability... this will be good to sell to one of about 6 furniture chains that exist here (and now can only think of 4 furniture chains, that do today... wonder if Ikea would consider later.. doubt it since everything related to furniture will be available under .hk).

Hope comments are useful - cheers, Asiaplay

PS: if you have a strong furniture brand, which is Chinese based and targets Chinese sales more specifically in HK (then it maybe is useful as a marketing tool) - I am yet to test the theory, but when asked the HK Registrar, they told me that HK results (.hk domains) will only be indexed on HK search engine results... therefore, perhaps do not assume this name or extension will be useful in the Greater China region.

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