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Talking Re: Could use some native Japanese help

学研 is not a city (or atleast I have never heard of such city). It is a company that specializes in education for Japanese kids. I remember watching commercials growing up that went "Gakken no...".

引出物 is the presents given at weddings by the host. I wouldn't bother with 引き出物.

使用済 下着 (shiyou zumi shitagi) means used underwear.

信販 is not a common Japanese word. Probably a company name. Maybe a loan company?

買い取り means to buy. Usually buying second hand. You will see a lot of classifieds that use "車、買い取ります” meaning I will buy your car.

外反母趾, sorry to bring bad news but being half Japanese and bilingual, if this is a word, I probably need to study Japanese again.

Hope this helps.

Sorry just noticed that I made a mistake.

I would get 引き出物 instead of 引出物. The first one is more common.

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