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Re: Chinese IDN promotion at Olympics

Originally Posted by markits
Sounds great. Would love to know more about your collaboration plan.
At the moment I am working on acquiring more quality names. I think I have one or two that are good enough for development at this early stage. My partial list is here: http://www.中.com/IDN-list.html One or two at the top of that list will most likely have my initial attention unless I find something better between now and next June. At the very least a few months in Beijing will allow me to assess the situation, establish contacts and do some serious development. Collaboration could simply involve sharing information, contacts, encouragement or go as far as partnership in some cases.

I understand the AU IE7 issue is a hold up, but still believe my time spent in Beijing will not be a waste.

Maybe this post was a little early. I will post again on the topic in about 8 months.

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