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Re: Most valuable Chinese IDN

Originally Posted by pspdropship
how about mine: 欧洲足球.cn european football, anyone knows about this enormous event happening in China would appreciate this IDN.

also see these:

乐器商城.com music instrument store;
买琴.com buy instrument
网络主机.com web hosting
先锋艺术.com avant garde
4a广告.com 4a advertising
电子节目指南.com EPG
教育储蓄.com education investment
母婴产品.com maternity products
当代艺术品收藏.com ( contemporary art collection
票网.net ticket net
进出口.biz imports and exports/international business
信贷.biz credit
移动商务.biz M-Commerce
减肥瘦身.biz diet/lose weight
买房.biz buy house
网店.biz online store/online shop/e-store
乐器.biz instrument

.com is preferred in China. I would value a chinese .com 5 to 10 times a .cn, 10 to 20 times a .net, and 100 times a .biz or .org.
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